Zippered High-Neck Pullover Sweater


Mock Neck Sweater

Size Chart

Mock Neck Sweater
Length (inch)34.65"35.43"36.22"
Chest (cm)108112118
Chest (inch)42.52"44.09"46.46"
Shoulder (cm)545556
Shoulder (inch)21.26"21.65"22.05"
Sleeve Length (cm)464748
Sleeve Length (inch)18.11"18.50"18.90"
SKU: SHR9ZY02B0005

The ribbed sweater is a must-have sweater in your wardrobe. Features with a half-placket zip collar that you can pull up or pull down to keep cozy or add allure. Pair with matching bottoms to finish a stylish outfit.

– Normal Fit
– 64% Polyester 32% Acrylic 4% Spandex

  • Normal Fit
  • 64% Polyester 32% Acrylic 4% Spandex
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